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WP Automatic Plugin by ValvePress Eeffortlessly automates the content sharing on WordPress. Seamlessly integrate OpenAI GPT-3, import Amazon products, and post social media updates. Ideal for bloggers, small businesses, and content refreshment.

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WP Automatic Plugin, crafted by ValvePress, is a top-tier WordPress content scraper plugin. This remarkable tool empowers you to effortlessly share content from diverse sources onto your WordPress site. You can acquire this plugin on the Codecanyon marketplace, where it has already amassed an impressive 34,500+ downloads.

WP Automatic Plugin proves to be a valuable asset for bloggers, small businesses, and anyone keen on automatically refreshing their website with up-to-date content.

What sets the WordPress Automatic Plugin apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate with OpenAI GPT-3, enabling you to generate powerful and efficient content. Furthermore, you can fine-tune the content generated by OpenAI GPT-3 using the plugin’s advanced customization options. The integration with OpenAI is a breeze; simply obtain your API key from your OpenAI account and input it into the WordPress Automatic Plugin’s settings page.

But that’s not all; this plugin also facilitates integration with Amazon. It simplifies the process of importing and promoting products from Amazon onto your website, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting of product details. With automatic retrieval of product information, descriptions, images, prices, and more, it even sets up affiliate links for you. Additionally, the WordPress Automatic Plugin regularly updates Amazon product prices automatically.

Social media enthusiasts will appreciate that this plugin can also import content from various social media networks. If you wish to display your social media activity on your WordPress website, this plugin can handle it all. You can effortlessly configure campaigns to automatically post updates from your social media accounts, including images, text, and videos.

Key Features of the WordPress Automatic Plugin:

  • Automated content posting from diverse sources
  • Customizable content layout
  • Keyword integration for imported content
  • Scheduled posting for continuous website updates
  • Ability to filter out non-English posts
  • Skip duplicate titles for cleaner content
  • Amazon content import capability
  • Automatic addition of affiliate links to Amazon products
  • Seamless inclusion of Clickbank products with affiliate links
  • Auto-posting of videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion
  • Auto-posting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit
  • Support for custom post types
  • Search and replace content feature
  • Integration with ‘The Best Spinner’ for content spinning
  • Compatibility with OpenAI
  • User-friendly plugin interface
  • Frequency of updates settings
  • Translation support
  • Customizable posting times
  • Advanced content filtering options

What’s New (ChangeLog)

  • NEW: Tiktok option to remove music used from the post content.
  • Fix: Amazon price extraction algorithm updated to cope with new changes.
  • NEW: Bulk option to Deactivate and Activate selected campaigns.
  • NEW: Multiple OpenAI API keys support with automatic rotation.
  • NEW: Feeds/Multi-scraper can now extract a specific part before or after another text (tutorial added).
  • NEW: Tiktok option to remove @user from the post content.
  • Fix: Tiktok now removes music from generated title.
  • Improved: Feeds/Multi-scraper post from specific links now auto-fill the first link for visual selector.
  • Fix: Campaigns processing algorithm updated to correct memory limit issue when too many campaigns.
  • Improved: Feeds/Multi-scraper category extraction algorithm improved to detect categories in span inside a tags.
  • Fix: Resolved critical error when loading all campaigns page.


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