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This comprehensive theme brings an array of fresh design choices and a multitude of added functionalities. We’re excited to present Multi-Step Avada Forms, support for ACF Repeater, Pixel Width & Flex Grow options for Columns, and Mailchimp tag/group integration. Notably, with the Avada Setup Wizard, you can now craft a dedicated WooCommerce thank you page. The Prebuilt Website Import process has been enhanced, and you’ll find new styling options for text stroke and the ToTop button, among many other additions.

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Avada, crafted by ThemeFusion, is a dynamic and flexible WordPress theme designed to empower you in crafting stunning websites within minutes, catering to any purpose. As a best-selling WordPress theme, it boasts a global community of over 845,000 delighted customers. Avada caters to users ranging from novices to experts, offering comprehensive customization options to shape their websites exactly as they envision.

Upon your initial Avada theme installation, you’ll seamlessly transition into its setup wizard. This intuitive guide takes you step by step through the entire process, simplifying the creation of a breathtaking website in mere minutes. You can effortlessly tweak website elements such as colors, typography, layout, content, and more with just a few clicks. Furthermore, Avada’s Setup Wizard comes equipped with a one-click demo import feature, ensuring a fully functional site in no time.

Avada presents the formidable “Fusion Builder,” a visual drag-and-drop website builder with over 120 design and layout components, streamlining the development of professional websites. This live visual builder grants you complete control over every aspect of your website’s posts and pages.

Additionally, the Avada theme boasts a versatile form builder for crafting tailored forms for your website. The form builder offers user-friendly customization tools, a drag-and-drop layout builder, and an extensive library of pre-made forms. It even facilitates integration with popular email marketing plugins like HubSpot and MailChimp. Furthermore, the theme provides a performance wizard to optimize content for an exceptional user experience while allowing the deactivation of unnecessary features that might impede your website’s speed.

In summary, Avada empowers you to swiftly create visually striking, high-performance websites for any purpose, ensuring your website stands out among the competition.

Key Features of the Avada Theme:

  • Completely Responsive Design
  • Intuitive Live Visual Builder for comprehensive design control
  • Access to 91 prebuilt, ready-to-use websites
  • Over 120 design elements at your disposal
  • Full Performance Control for optimized website speed
  • Mega Menu Builder to craft content-rich menus
  • User Role Management Capability
  • Quick Start Setup Wizard for seamless initiation
  • Avada Studio for importing content blocks
  • Option to disable unused features for streamlined performance
  • CSS Optimization for improved site rendering
  • Optimization of Images and Videos for faster loading
  • Efficient Font Management
  • WooCommerce Builder for building online shops or stores
  • Layout Builder for versatile page layouts
  • Header and Footer Builder for customized branding
  • Built-in Form Builder for creating tailored forms
  • Off-Canvas Builder for unique designs
  • White Label Plugin for personalized branding
  • Abundance of Theme Customization Choices
  • Performance Enhancements for a faster user experience
  • Seamless WooCommerce Integration
  • Customization of the WordPress Login Screen
  • Creation and reuse of templates for efficiency
  • Maintenance Mode to temporarily take your site offline (503 status code)
  • Coming Soon Mode with a professional touch (200 status code)
  • Import and Export Options for convenience
  • Inclusion of numerous premium plugins and addons

What’s New (ChangeLog)

  • Mitigated an arbitrary file upload vulnerability in the custom icon font upload, applicable only to authors or higher user roles.
  • Enhanced compatibility by resolving a variation product problem when using the WooCommerce Product Bundle plugin.
  • Addressed a security concern related to access control, preventing authenticated users from altering Portfolio permalinks.
  • Corrected a display issue where backslashes were used as separators in the Breadcrumbs Global Option, causing page CSS problems.
  • Introduced new WooCommerce special page link options for dynamic data in text field options.
  • Resolved a potential security risk involving arbitrary file uploads and server-side request forgery in the Page Options import function, impacting authenticated users.
  • Fixed vulnerabilities involving SQL injection and access control in Critical CSS, affecting authenticated users.
  • Eliminated a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the User Register element.
  • Rectified a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) issue in elements using access tokens for third-party platforms, relevant to admin users.
  • Addressed a bug where Avada Slider button options were not resetting when saved as empty.
  • Fixed a malfunction of the Image Carousel element when placed within Toggles and FAQ elements.
  • Ensured that layout settings for the main event in The Events Calendar plugin are correctly applied to recurring events within a series.


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