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ProductX Pro is a versatile WooCommerce plugin that simplifies the creation of stunning product grids, sliders, carousels, and more. It offers customizable single product page templates, archive page designs, and product blocks for shop pages, allowing users to create visually appealing websites aligned with their brand. Additionally, the plugin enhances the shopping experience with wishlist and comparison features

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ProductX Pro stands as a versatile WooCommerce plugin, streamlining the creation of stunning and unique product grids, lists, sliders, carousels, and more. With an array of features, including customizable single product page templates, archive page design customization, and product blocks for shop pages, users gain the power to effortlessly fashion a visually captivating website that aligns with their brand. To elevate the shopping experience, the plugin also incorporates wishlist and comparison functionalities.

ProductX Pro empowers users to tailor builder template conditions and employ shortcodes, enabling the addition of wishlists and comparison tools to any page within their website. For added security, they can mandate user logins before allowing items to be added to wishlists or automatically clear wishlists after checkout to avert accidental duplicate purchases. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to enable a wishlist button on the single product page, with the option to customize its text via backend settings. They can also choose to redirect customers to their cart after adding wishlist items or effortlessly implement comparison tools using shortcodes, presenting product comparisons through user-friendly popups.

Key Feature of ProductX Pro

  • Tailor Single Product Page Templates: Customize the design and layout of single product pages to harmonize with your brand or website aesthetic.
  • Revamp Archive Page Templates: Transform the look of archive pages to maintain a cohesive and visually appealing shop appearance.
  • Craft Engaging Shop Pages: Utilize customizable product blocks to effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your shop pages.
  • Comparison Button for Single Product Pages: Enable a comparison button on single product pages, empowering customers to juxtapose different products side by side.
  • Customize Template Conditions: Modify builder template conditions to align precisely with your unique requirements.
  • Implement Wishlists Anywhere: Seamlessly add a wishlist feature to any page on your site using intuitive shortcodes.
  • Login-Required Wishlist: Enhance security and reduce spam by requiring customers to log in before adding items to their wishlist.
  • Automatic Wishlist Clearance: Ensure customers don’t accidentally purchase items twice by automatically emptying wishlists after checkout.
  • Single Product Page Wishlist Button: Encourage customers to save items for later with a wishlist button on single product pages.
  • Wishlist Button Text Customization: Easily adjust the text of the wishlist button using backend settings.
  • Seamless Cart Redirection: Opt to redirect customers to their cart after adding items to their wishlist, increasing conversion opportunities.
  • Implement Comparison Tools Anywhere: Employ shortcodes to effortlessly introduce a product comparison tool on any page of your site.
  • Popup Product Comparison: When customers click the compare button, a popup emerges, displaying a side-by-side comparison of selected products.
  • Customize Compare Button Text: Tailor the text of the compare button with ease through plugin settings.
  • Frontend Popup Positioning: Effortlessly adjust the position of the comparison popup in the frontend for an intuitive user experience.

What’s New (ChangeLog)

Version 1.3.3 – September 18, 2023

  • Issue Resolution: Resolved an error occurring on the plugin update page.


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Installation Guide

If you have already downloaded the plugin file from a any website, you can upload it manually by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to “Plugins” in the left-hand menu and click on “Add New.
  3. Click on the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the “Choose File” button and select the plugin file from your computer.
  5. Click the “Install Now” button to start the installation process.
  6. Wait for the installation to complete, and then click the “Activate” button to enable the plugin.

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