Hide My WP GPL PLugin – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress



WooCommerce Currency Switcher
INR, ₹
  • change the rate and this description to the right values
  • Version: 6.2.3
  • Last Update on: 19.03.2021
  • 1 Year Free Updates.
  • Under GPL Licence
  • Unlimited Domain Usage.
  • Verified and tested by Virus Total, McAfee

Download it for free here(available only for members) :


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Feature of Hide My WP GPL PLugin –

  • Hide WordPress wp-admin URL and redirect it to 404 page or a custom page
  • Hide WordPress wp-login.php and redirect it to 404 page or a custom page
  • Change the wp-admin and wp-login URLs
  • Change lost password URL
  • Change register URL
  • Change logout URL
  • Change activation URL
  • Change admin-ajax URL
  • Change wp-content URL
  • Change wp-includes URL
  • Change uploads URL
  • Change comments URL
  • Change author URL for Hide My WP GPL PLugin
  • Change plugins name URL
  • Change themes name URL
  • Change category URL
  • Change tags URL
  • Custom login redirects based on useer role
  • Custom logout redirects based on useer role
  • Change URLs from Relative to Absolute
  • Change URLs in Ajax calls
  • Change URLs for Logged Users
  • Change paths in Sitemap.xml
  • Change paths in Robots.txt
  • Hidden Paths:
  • Hide /wp-admin Path
  • Hide /wp-login Path for Hide My WP GPL PLugin
  • Hide /login Path
  • Hide plugins Paths
  • Hide themes Paths
  • Hide REST API wp-json
  • Hide WordPress HTML comments
  • Hide Version and WordPress Tags
  • Hide DNS Prefetch WordPress link
  • Hide WordPress Generator Meta
  • Hide RSD (Really Simple Directory) header
  • Hide Emojicons if you don’t use them
  • Disable Paths:
  • Disable REST API access
  • Disable XML-RPC access
  • Disable Embed scripts
  • Disable DB-Debug in Frontend
  • Disable WLW Manifest scripts
  • Brute Force Protection:
  • Brute Force with Math Captcha
  • Extra Features:
  • Backup and Restore settings
  • Fix relative URLs for Hide My WP GPL PLugin
  • Change classes using Text Mapping from HTML code
  • Cache CSS, JS and Images to optimize the loading speed
  • Weekly security check and reports
  • Integrations:
  • Support for WP Multisite
  • Support for Nginx
  • Support for IIS
  • Support for LiteSpeed
  • Support for Apache
  • Support for WP Engine
  • Support for Inmotion Hosting
  • Support for Hostgator Hosting
  • Support for Godaddy Hosting
  • Support for Host1plus
  • Support for Payperhost
  • Support for Fastcomet
  • Support for Dreamhost for Hide My WP GPL PLugin
  • Support for Bitnami Apache
  • Support for Bitnami Nginx
  • Support for Google Cloud Hosting
  • Support for Litespeed Hosting
  • Support for Flyweels Hosting
  • Recommended by Wp Rocket
  • Recommended by WPML

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