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Greenshift is a remarkable plugin that stands out by dynamically generating assets on demand, ensuring peak website performance without relying on pre-defined styles or frameworks. It empowers users to create intricate web pages and animations effortlessly, prioritizing mobile responsiveness with customized breakpoints. Greenshift excels in web vitals, boasting the highest scores among page builder plugins. It offers various add-ons for advanced design, including custom parallaxes, Smart Lottie loader, dynamic functionality, and SEO tools, all designed to elevate your web design experience

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Greenshift, an exceptional plugin, sets itself apart by not relying on pre-defined styles, frameworks, or icon fonts. Instead, it dynamically generates assets on-demand, optimizing website performance.

This plugin empowers users to create intricate pages and animations without any coding skills. Furthermore, it prioritizes mobile traffic with tailored responsive options, featuring four custom breakpoints and optimized mobile layouts for all blocks, making Greenshift ideal for enhancing mobile web design.

Distinguished by unique conditional asset loading and independence from jQuery, Greenshift achieves the highest web vitals score among all page builder plugins available today.

But that’s not all! Greenshift offers a range of add-ons to elevate your web design experience, including the Animation Addon for custom parallaxes, Smart Lottie loader, and more. The Query Addon introduces dynamic functionality and an advanced listing builder, while the SEO and Marketing Addon includes special blocks designed to maximize your site’s profitability.

Key Feature of Grenshift

  • Greenshift comes equipped with a ready library of sections and layouts, fully compatible with Full Site Editing (FSE). Elevate your design with SVG shape libraries, offering extended formatting options for every block and animated divider.
  • Take control of your layout with advanced containers and rows, providing precision over alignment, spacing, positioning, and more. Enjoy advanced position control, allowing CSS position adjustments through CSS transforms, positioning, or margins.
  • Optimize your mobile experience with smart scroll for sections, transforming regular columns and blocks into scrollable elements or carousels on mobile devices. Explore advanced sliders and tabs, enhancing your galleries with 3D slider functionality.
  • Dive into extended background options, including colors, gradients, and videos, complemented by overlays featuring hover transitions. Greenshift lets you implement CSS scroll animations and hover transitions seamlessly, without the need for external libraries.
  • Additionally, Greenshift introduces an AR/VR 3D viewer block, leveraging Google Model Viewer for immersive experiences. Unlock dynamic blocks like animated headlines, countdowns, counters, videos, tabs, toggles, table of contents, progress bars, and much more to enhance your web design.

What’s New (ChangeLog)

New Features:

  • The Counter block now offers extended typography and sizing options.
  • Added a CSS transform indicator for each state.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved various issues related to the migration to API 3.


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